Ballack, Kimmich is a world class right back, but not a good midfielder.

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Ballack, Kimmich is a world class right back, but not a good midfielder.

German star Ballack gave an interview to Kicker where he talked about Bayern Munich player Kimmich's set-piece problems.

According to Ballack, Kimmich is a world-class right-back but is not on the same level when playing in midfield. He said, "I have a very clear answer. I'm all for putting the best player in his best position. As everyone has seen with Lahm: when you are a world-class player on the wing, you don't necessarily play the same in other positions.

The same is true of Kimmich, according to Ballack, "He's at a very high level, he's a very attractive player, he's also made good progress and he's not at the end of his tether yet. He has proved he can play in two positions. But for me he is just a world-class right-back.

Ballack believes Kimmich is better at right-back because he has "become amazing in the way he plays and his style of play". He said, "As a wing player, he is able to use his speed and physicality to break and cross on the wing. And in midfield, he sometimes wants too much, which sometimes makes the team vulnerable".

For Ballack, Bayern's overall strength is "very good" and Tuchel's desire for a new midfielder has not changed that. He said: "As a coach, you always have some coaching aspirations and are not always 100 percent satisfied with every piece of the puzzle. But as a coach you also have to follow the overall plan of the club."

Especially after the signing of Kane, Ballack believes that Bayern's squad is capable of winning the Champions League: "Kane belongs to the same echelon as Levan" and is not surprised that Kane has been able to score repeatedly in a short period of time: "Munich is a very good environment where you feel comfortable."

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