Sam Gould Owen is second in dribbling, first in being.

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Sam Gould Owen is second in dribbling, first in being.

NBA Mavericks assistant coach Sam Gaudet talked about the team's newest addition, Kyrie Irving, in a recent interview. Gaudet said he knew Irving's father from a very early age, so he knows Irving very well.

"When I first found out Irving was coming to the Mavericks, I was excited," Gaudet said, "We finally got the second best dribbler."

Gaudet considers himself the best ball-handler, so he ranks Irving second. He said Irving's dribbling skills are outstanding and some of his moves are simply incredible.

"Not only is Irving a great player, he's a great person," Gaudette said, "He always tries to help and mentor the young guys on the team."

Gaudette added that Irving works very hard on and off the court. He believes Irving will be an important player for the Mavericks.


Gaudet's evaluation can be quite high. He believes that Irving's dribbling skills are second only to his own, which speaks volumes about how good Irving's ball-handling skills are. In addition, Gordon also spoke highly of Irving's character.

Irving's arrival has undoubtedly brought great encouragement to the Mavericks. His combination with Doncic will be extremely threatening. If Irving can maintain his good form, he will be an important puzzle piece for the Mavs to win the championship.
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